HSD Marine will always execute our jobs to the best of our ability and capability , making sure that quality is always achieved and time taken for these tasks are kept to the minimum.Customer satisfaction is very important for our survival and growth and all our staff and workers are aware of this fact.We are able to mobilize our teams in short time and these teams are all well trained, disciplined and can work independently .

We are able to perform and carry out the following items :
1. Pipe Repairs
2. Steel Repairs
3. General Ship Works
4. Insulation/Accomodation Works
5. Main Engine and Aux Engine Overhauling and Maintenance
6. Workshop Fabrication
7. Travelling Squads
8. HSD Overseas Repair Stations

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Pipe Repairs

Pipe fabrications according to drawings, on-site measurements and samples are carried out in our workshop .
Onboard works for modification of pipe systems, new piping systems, pipe repairs and pipe installation are carried out by us.
Such repairs can be carried out in Ports, Anchorages and during voyages.

Steel Repairs

Minor steel works such as hatch coamings and cellguides to major steel renewal on deck, shell plates , internals , etc are carried out by us .
Such repairs can be carried out in Ports, Anchorages and during voyages.

General Ship
Repair and

Repair and replacement works for ladders, gratings, ventilation lourves, ventilation heads, valves , funnel , gangway, bollards, ship renaming, tank cleaning, main engine scavenger cleaning,
Strainers, watertight doors, manholes, pipe supports, air-conditioning problems, heat exchangers , deck hydroblasting/painting and items are also handled by us.

Insulation and
Accommodation Works

We also carry out insulation fabrication, repairs and installation on pipes, bulkheads, valves, etc .
Accommodation works such as flooring, paneling, bridge windows, cabin windows, painting works and toilet tiles are works in our scope.

Main Engine and
Aux Engine Overhauling
and Maintenance

We carry out overhauling of Main Engine and exchange of liners, pistons , etc during port calls and follow ships on voyage for overhauling and maintenance of its auxiliary engines.


Fabrication for steel and pipe are carried out in workshop. Outfitting items such as strainers, covers, steps, supports, trays, ventilation louvers, rope guards, gratings, etc.


We engage also in mobilizing team members to join ship for ship requirement for steel, piping and machinery.

HSD Overseas Repair Stations

HSD Overseas Repair Stations are located in the following countries:China at
a. Shanghai
b. Qingdao

a. Haiphong
b. Vungtau
c. Other main ports