HSD MARINE AND SHIPREPAIR PTE LTD is a ship repair and ship maintenance provider to Ship Owners, Ship Managers and Operators worldwide.

Based in Singapore, we are able to carry out our tasks in our workshop, onboard vessels in Singapore and Asian Ports and as travelling squads during vessels voyages.

HSD Marine is geared to serve with our utmost quality, professionalism and we ensure that each project awarded

to us will result in excellence and customer satisfaction.Our approach to our client and jobs alike is full commitment and focus , emphasizing on the following pillars :

. Short Repair Duration.
. Low, Reasonable and Manageable Repair Cost
. Suitable, Disciplined and Qualified Workers.
. Practical Safety Practices.
. Quick Team Mobilization.
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HSD Marine will always execute our jobs to the best of our ability and capability, making sure that quality is always achieved and time taken for these tasks are kept to the minimum. We are able to perform and carry out the following items :
  • srv1

    Pipe Repairs

  • srv1

    Steel Repairs

  • srv1

    General Ship Works

  • srv1

    Insulation/Accommodation works.

  • srv1

    Engine Overhauling

  • srv1

    Workshop Fabrication

  • srv1

    Travelling Squads


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  • Crane no.3 Foot Jib Bearing Renewal works

    Carried out the replacement of Crane No. 3 foot jib bearing with Owners supply spares.

    Job No: 3383
    Duration: 48 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Installation of Ship Port Anchor

    Carried out installation of ship Port anchor while vessel is in PSA port, Singapore.

    Job No: 3350
    Duration: 4 hours
    Location: Singapore PSA

  • ME Cylinder Lower Cross Head Bearing Replacement

    Carried out exchange of Main Engine Cylinder No. 2 Cross Head lower bearing with ship spare.

    Job No: 3349
    Duration: 12 hours
    Location: Singapore PSA

  • Damaged Hatch Cover Structure Renewal

    Carried out hatch cover damage repairs.

    Job No: 3206
    Duration: 12 hours
    Location: China

  • OWS Plate Renewal

    Carried out Prefabrication of new insert plate for renewal of holed plate of Oily Water Separator unit.

    Job No: 3090
    Duration: 10 hours
    Location: Singapore

  • Repair on No.2 Deck Crane’s Damaged Jib Section

    Carried out the repair of the damaged jib for cargo crane onboard.

    Job No: 3090
    Duration: 4 days
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Repairs of Damaged Accommodation Gangway

    Removal of damaged accommodation gangway from ship and carried out repairs as required.

    Job No: 3043
    Duration: 3 days
    Location: Singapore

  • Intermediate shaft coupling bolts

    Supplied material and carried out machining of complete 32 pieces of Intermediate shaft coupling bolts

    Job No: 2993
    Duration: 7 days
    Location: Singapore

  • Replacement of Anchor Crown Shackle

    Carried out the replacement of existing anchor crown shackle and D shackle

    Job No: 3065
    Duration: 16 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Steel renewal of damaged parts of the flat rack

    Carried out the steel renewal of damaged parts of the flat rack in our workshop

    Job No: 2990
    Duration: 2 Days
    Location: Singapore

  • Replacement of anchor chain

    Carried out the replacement of 1 length of anchor chain while vessel is at the Singapore anchorage

    Job No: 3001
    Duration:6 hours
    Location: Singapore anchorage

  • Ship renaming

    Carried out ship renaming work in Singapore IPL anchorage

    Job No: 3021
    Duration:14 hours
    Location: Singapore IPL anchorage

  • Replacement of Bow Thruster’s Electrical Motor

    Carried out the replacement of Bow Thruster Motor

    Job No: 3044
    Duration: 2 Days
    Location: Singapore

  • Repairs on Engine Room air conditioner unit

    Carried out repairs on Engine Room air conditioner unit

    Job No: 3033
    Duration: 6 Hours
    Location: Singapore

  • Winch Crack Repair Works

    Marked crack locations, and prepared for repair works

    Job No: 2916
    Duration: 9 Hours
    Location: Singapore

  • Fabrication & Replacement of New Insertion Crown

    Prefabricated the guide crown as per furnished drawing

    Job No: 3034
    Duration: 8 Hours
    Location: Singapore

  • Winch Crack Repair Works

    Marked crack locations, and prepared for repair works

    Job No: 2916
    Duration: 9 Hours
    Location: Singapore

  • Anchor Chain Repair and Installation Works

    Carried out installation of missing studs and renewal of anchor chains

    Job No: 2923
    Duration: 1 Day
    Location: Singapore

  • Underwater Installation of Rope Guard

    Carried out fabrication of Rope Guard at workshop and proceeded with underwater installation.

    Job No: 2895
    Duration: Fabrication 5 Days, Installation 1 Day
    Location: Singapore

  • Bearing Replacement for Hoisting Roller Sheave

    Carried out removal of hoisting sheave and replacement of bearing

    Job No: 2903
    Duration: 3 Days
    Location: Singapore

  • Renewal of Boiler’s Blowdown Overboard Pipe

    Carried out pre-fabrication of Boiler’s Blowdown stud pipe, collar plate and fully welded

    Job No: 2893
    Duration: 1 Days
    Location: Singapore

  • Replacement of Auxiliary Engine No.2

    Carried Out Shifting and Replacement of Auxiliary Engine No.2 in Engine Room

    Job No: 2862
    Duration: 2 Days
    Location: Singapore

  • Replacement of Jib Crane No. 4

    Carried out securing, releasing and lowering of damaged Jib from Crane No.4.

    Job No: 2876
    Duration: 2.5 Days
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Ballast Tank Steel Renewal

    Carried out steel repairs in way of Frame 137 in various locations of COTs and Ballast Tanks.

    Job No: 2827
    Duration: 7 Days
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Removal of Damaged Cell Guide

    Carried out the removal of damaged cell guide sections.

    Job No: 2763
    Duration: 6 hours
    Location: PSA

  • Partial Repair on Leakage of HFO Bunker Pipe Line

    Carried out pipe repair work after leakage identified.

    Job No: 2690
    Duration: 15 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Stbdside Void Space Cleaning

    Carried out cleaning of Stbd Void Space contamination by Heavy Fuel Oil from leaking pipe.

    Job No: 2689
    Duration: 48 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Replacement of Compressor, Motor & Purifier

    Carried out replacement of the compressor, motor and purifier of the refrigerated provision room.

    Job No: 2650
    Duration: 6 hours
    Location: Taicang Terminal, China

  • Cell Guides Renewal

    Carried out cell guides renewal in way of Bay 38.

    Job No: 2638
    Duration: 20 hours including on site preparation
    Location: Shanghai port, China

  • Stbd Damaged Fender & Damaged Stern Plate Repair

    Carried out replacement of 1 piece of damaged cooler cover.

    Job No: 2632
    Duration: 60 hours
    Location: OPL

  • Replacement of Cooler Cover

    Carried out replacement of 1 piece of damaged cooler cover.

    Job No: 2591
    Duration: 9 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Replacement of Hydraulic Cylinder

    Carried out replacement of the hydraulic cylinder of the Freefall lifeboat while vessel is at PSA Port.

    Job No: 2592
    Duration: 12 hours
    Location: PSA

  • Replacement of Computer Desk for Simulators

    Carried out construction of the computer desk in workshop and delivered onboard for installation.

    Job No: 2618
    Job Duration : 14 hours.
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Transportation, Relocation & Positioning of Shaft Generator

    Arranged for delivery & positioning of shaft generator.

    Job No: 2633
    Duration: 34 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Renewal of Hatch Cover’s Container ISO Socket

    Carried out removal of damaged ISO socket and welding of new socket.

    Job No: 2604
    Duration: 4 hours
    Location: PSA

  • Calibration of Testing Equipment

    Carried out calibration of testing equipment while vessel was loading/unloading at Yangshan Port, China.

    Job No: 2516
    Duration: 14 hours
    Location: Yangshan Port, China.

  • Underwater cleaning ship vertical hull

    Carried out underwater cleaning of the ship vertical hull while vessel is at Qingdao Port,China.

    Job No: 2560
    Duration: 8 hours
    Location: Qingdao Port

  • Renewal of Sheave Bearing

    Carried out the renewal of cargo crane sheave bearing while vessel was at Singapore Anchorage

    Job No: 2538
    Duration: 24 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Lifeboat Davit Structure Repair

    Carried out structural repairs for Starboard Lifeboat Davit.

    Job No: 2526
    Duration: 14 hours
    Location: Qingdao, China

  • Repair of Lashing Gearbox Bin

    Carried out repairs of container gearbox.

    Job No: 2533
    Duration: 7 hours
    Location: PSA Terminal

  • Elevator Troubleshooting

    Engineer boarded vessel and carried out troubleshooting of the elevator problems.

    Job No: 2511
    Duration: 9 hours
    Location: Singapore OPL

  • Elevator Annual Survey

    Engineer boarded vessel and carried out the inspections for annual survey.

    Job No: 2504
    Duration: 4 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Crack repairs on Stbd Gangway

    Carried out cracks repairs on the starboard gangway while vessel was alongside.

    Job No: 2507
    Duration: 12 hours
    Location: Tanjung Pelepas Port

  • Anchor Chain’s Stud Welding Repair

    Carried out welding of missing and loose anchor chain studs on both port and starboard sides.

    Job No: 2496
    Duration: 2.5 days
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • 502 Bilge Holding Tank Repair

    Carried out installation and welding of doubler in bilge holding tank which had a leakage in bottom.

    Job No: 2493
    Duration: 8 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Partial Replacement of Anchor Chain Parts

    Carried out the replacement of One length of Anchor Chain for both Port and Starboard sides anchors.

    Job No: 2489
    Duration: 5 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Bow Thruster Mounting

    Carried out installation of complete Bow Thruster while vessel was at Singapore Anchorage.

    Job No: 2489
    Duration: 24 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Collision Steel Temporary Repair

    Carried out on urgent mobilization onboard temporary steel repairs.

    Job No: 2484
    Duration: 70 hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Repair of Damaged Starboard Side Poop Deck

    Repairs carried out at Korsichang Anchorage in Thailand.

    Job No: 2453
    Duration: 5 days
    Location: Korsichang Anchorage, Thailand

  • Installation of New Anchor

    Carried out the installation of a new anchor at the Starboard side.

    Job No: 2457
    Duration: 8 hrs
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • C/H Vent Closure Replacement

    Fabricated 3 units of Cargo Hold Ventilation water tight doors c/w door frames.

    Job No: 2410
    Duration: 3 Days
    Location: Tanjung Pelepas Port, Malaysia

  • Fabrication of New Pipe

    Carried out removal of old pipe and replaced with new fabricated pipe

    Job No: 2420
    Duration: 28 Hours
    Location: PSA, Singapore

  • Replacement of Air-Con Evaporator Unit

    Erected staging and cropped out the aft shell plate

    Job No: 2421
    Duration: 40 Hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Propeller Polishing

    Carried out polishing of propeller while vessel is berthed alongside Qingdao Port.

    Job No: 2414
    Duration: 3.5 Hours
    Location: Qingdao Port, China Repair Station

  • Steel Inspection Supervision

    Carried out onboard inspection supervision for installation of new Bulbous Bow Block.

    Job No: 2392
    Duration: 14 Working Days
    Location: Qingdao Beihai Shipyard, China

  • Fabrication of Manifold and Reducer Pipe

    Carried out fabrication works with reducer and installation on board.

    Job No: 2388
    Duration: 72 Hours
    Location: PSA Singapore/ HSD Workshop

  • Crane Jib Sheaves Replacement

    Also, carried out fabrication and machining of new sheave pin.

    Job No: 2404
    Duration: 2 Days including Pin Machining
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Steel and Exhaust Bellow Repairs

    Carried out replacement and cleaning of Exhaust Bellow.

    Job No: 2379
    Duration: 4 Working Days
    Location: Singapore IPL

  • Overhauling of Cylinder Head

    Carried out complete overhauling of cylinder head, piston and liner of unit No. 1

    Job No: 2389
    Duration: 24 Hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Exchange of Fuel Injection Pump

    Carried out the exchange of Fuel Pump block for No. 1 and No. 2 units.

    Job No: 2381
    Duration: 20 Hours
    Location: PSA Terminal, Singapore

  • Installation of Bulbous Bow

    Carried out steel inspection and modification of Bulbous Bow.

    Job No: 2354
    Duration: 10 Days
    Location: HSRDD, China Shipyard

  • High Sea Chest Rubber Coating

    Task was carried out on damaged Sea Chest and applied new rubber coating.

    Job No: 2372
    Duration: 16 Hours
    Location: PSA, Singapore

  • Repair of Anchor Chain Stud

    Task was carried out on damaged anchor chain link studs.

    Job No: 2370
    Duration: 8 Hours
    Location: Wei Hai, China

  • Modification of Ducting and Renewal of Eliminator

    Filer and insulation modified and renewed in situ.

    Job No: 2365
    Location: PSA, Singapore

  • Hydraulic Locking Alarm of Pump No. 2

    Carried out troubleshooting of system for the steering gear.

    Job No: 2348
    Duration: 12 Hours
    Location: PSA, Singapore

  • Motors Rewinding

    Carried out motors rewinding.

    Job No: 2321
    Duration: 4 Days
    Location: Port Klang, Malaysia

  • Fabrication of Insulation Blanklet

    Used rockwool wire blanket, 50mm thickness finished with aluminium blinds.

    Job No: 2296
    Duration: 4 Days
    Location: ST Marine Tuas Yard

  • Replacement of AHU Fan Blower

    Carried out replacement of Accomodation Centralised Air Condition AHU Fan Blower.

    Job No: 2323
    Duration: 16 Hours
    Location: PSA Singapore

  • Load Test of Trolley Gear

    Carried out load testing of 17 units of trolley gears with certification.

    Job No: 2345
    Duration: 8 Hours
    Location: PSA Singapore

  • Overhauling and Rewinding of Motor

    Overhauling and rewinding of 7.5Kw 2poles motor at workshop.

    Job No: 2318
    Duration: 5 Working Days
    Location: Workshop

  • Replacement of Main Engine

    Also, liner replacement with ship spare and Overhauling of No. 4 unit piston crown.

    Job No: 2325
    Duration: 20 Hours
    Location: PSA Port

  • Replacement of Machined Locking Pin

    Also, cropped and readjusted bended locking bracket and support bracket.

    Job No: 2327
    Duration: 12 Hours
    Location: PSA Port

  • Overhauling of Main Engine

    Carried out the overhauling of Main Engine Unit No. 10

    Job No: 2320
    Duration: 22 Hours
    Location: PSA Port

  • Steel Renewal

    Carried out steel renewal in way of 2 Stbd Water Ballast Tank while vessel at AESPA.
    Job No: 2305
    Duration: 30 Hours
    Location: Singapore Eastern Special Purpose Alpha Anchorage

  • Cylinder Liner Replacement

    Carried out piston overhauling and piston rings replacement.

    Job No: 2303
    Duration: 48 Hours
    Location: PSA Port

  • Main Engine Cylinder Liner Replacement

    Carried out Main Engine Type Sulzer 12RT Flex 96 , Liner replacement for Cylinder Unit No. 4

    Job No: 2301
    Duration: 22 Hours
    Location: PSA Port Berth

  • Cleaning Works of Engine Rooms

    Carried out cleaning of the engine room locations to ship satisfaction.

    Job No : 2302
    Duration: 16 Hours
    Location: PSA Port Berth

  • Life and Rescue Boat Load Test

    Carried out Life Boat and Rescue Boat Load Test.

    Job No : 2288
    Duration: 5 Hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Inspection and Rectification of Leakage

    Carried out inspection and rectification for Main Engine Scavenging Air Cooler.

    Job No : 2295
    Duration: 9 Hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Rectification of Leak

    Carried out rectification found on Water Ballast pipe in Fuel Oil Tank.

    Job No : 2294
    Duration: 4 Hours
    Location: Singapore Anchorage

  • Replacement of Exhaust Valve Roller

    Carried out the replacement of the exhaust valve roller for Main Engine No. 8 Cylinder.

    Job No : 2291
    Duration: 6 Hours
    Location: PSA

  • Renewal of Shell Plate

    Carried out renewal of side shell and internals in way of starboard bow.  

    Job No : 2285
    Duration: 3 Running Days
    Location : Port Klang Anchorage

  • Renewal of Shell Plate

    Carried out renewal of side shell in way of No. 1 Port Water Ballast Tank 

    Job No : 2287
    Duration: 21 Hours
    Location : Singapore Anchorage

  • Life Raft Load Test

    Carried out life raft davit load testing while vessel was Singapore Anchorage.

    Job No : 2278
    Duration: 2 Hours
    Location : Singapore Anchorage

  • Removal of Broken Stud

    Removal of broken stud in A Frame of Main Engine Sulzer 14RT96C

    Job No : 2275
    Duration: 22 Hours
    Location : PSA Port

  • Renewal of Leaking Overboard Valve

    Underwater blanking was arranged for the replacement of valve.

    Job No : 2270
    Duration : 3 hours
    Location : Tanjung Pelepas Port, Malaysia

  • Windlass Brake Lining Repairs

    Renewal of both Anchor Windlass Brake Linings.

    Job No : 2253-1
    Duration: 30 Hours
    Location : Singapore Eastern Anchorage

  • Anchor Chain Bitter End Repairs

    Renewal of Bitter End damage in chain locker of Stbd Anchor chain.

    Job No : 2253-2
    Duration: 24 Hours
    Location : Singapore Eastern Anchorage

  • Bow Thruster Tunnel Cracks Repairs

    Carried out cracks repairs in way of Bow Thruster Tunnel.

    Job No : 2255
    Duration: 18 Hours
    Location : Singapore Anchorage

  • Anchor Chain Links Repair

    Repair of Port and Starboard Anchor Chain Links.

    Job No : 2235
    Duration: 4 days
    Location : Singapore Anchorage

  • Hatch Cover Repair

    Repaired dented section of Hatch Cover top.

    Job No : 2242
    Duration: 5 hours overnight
    Location : PSA Terminal

  • To renew steel plates

    To renew steel plates in way of the Fuel Oil Tanks No. 3 Port and No. 6 Stbd.

    Project No. : 2132
    Duration: 4 days

  • Cell Guide Repair

    To carry out cell guide repair at Bay 34 Row 02/04 tier 04.

    Job No: 2177
    Duration : 10 hours
    Location : PSA Terminal

  • Propeller Polishing

    To carry out propeller polishing while vessel is at Qingdao Port .

    Job No : 2192
    Duration : 4 hours
    Location : China Qingdao Terminal